Sentinel GPS CHHC 4i CO2 Regulator Humidity Temp Controller

2-3 Days Sentinel GPS CHHC 4i CO2 Regulator Humidity Temp Controller


The Sentinel CHHC-4i is the most advanced CO2 controller accessible in the market today. It incorporates the proprietary S.I.C.E. (Sentinel Intelligent CO2 Enrichment) communication and control components and programming that are distinctive to Sentinel. It allows for communications between Sentinel S.I.C.E series products, providing a level of control never before seen in your greenhouse, garden or grow room. 

The system works by a Sentinel S.I.C.E. series controller, such as the Sentinel CHHC-4i, measuring and monitoring your growing environment. As the atmospheric CO2 levels change, the controller will tell the Sentinel ICG series generator to increase output, decrease output or go into idle mode and all computer controlled. As the optimal conditions are reached, the S.I.C.E. system can decrease Co2 output, making sure that the user defined optimal level is not overshot and remains at desired level. 

Sentinel Standard CO2 Generator Function

While the Sentinel CHHC-4i has been designed with advanced communication and control component for ideal operation using the proprietary S.I.C.E. system, the CHHC-4i can work with any current and previous Sentinel brand CO2 generators as well as other manufacturer offerings. And the best part is you can always upgrade to a Sentinel ICG series S.I.C.E. generator in the future. 

Sentinel “True Fuzzy Logic” CO2 Operation for bottled CO2

The Sentinel CHHC-4i has been designed with the most advanced “True Fuzzy Logic”programming and component for optimal use with CO2 regulator / bottled CO2 pairings. While many CO2 brands claim to use fuzzy logic, they are really using a less advance PID control loop design. Sentinel “True Fuzzy Logic” ensures the most precise control and enrichment levels available to bottled CO2 regulator users.

Package Includes:

  • 1 x Sentinel CHHC 4i 
  • 1 x CO2 Probe
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